INTERIORS - We know our stuff, we choose the most appropriate plant to suit your environment- size, style and suitability are all taken into consideration. You're welcome to have a look at the vast range available at some of our suppliers.

EXTERIORS - Landscape Maintenance - Anything to make your grounds look good, this might include grass cutting, pruning (not just hacking back), leaf collection, hand weeding, spraying for weeds, adding new plants, bark and feed.

We also do litter picking - not exactly our favourite job, but we insist on a clean environment.

OTHER - Flowers delivered weekly or when necessary. Live or artificial Christmas trees, complete with decorations. Plants on short term rental for exhibitions, events, weddings or your special occasion. Even artwork if you need it.

Our plants have travelled all over Europe but nowadays we tend to stick to UK venues. If you want us to dig out our passports then just ask.

FULL LIST OF Pheeco Services
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- Interior Plants
- Plant Displays
- Business Plants
- Interior Landscaping
- Exterioir Landscaping

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