Plant Displays

If you’re looking for eye catching plant displays for indoor use such as offices or exhibitions or even for outdoor events and displays then at Pheeco we’ve got it covered.

We’ve been in the plant display and landscaping business a long time and as a result we’ve got a lot of knowledge on what plant displays work for each different environment.

This means that whether it is an interior plant display, exhibition centre pieces or corporate floral arrangements our landscaping deliver excellent solutions time after time. The Pheeco team work with you to create unique indoor displays using live or replica plants and containers which are carefully selected to suit your corporate style, setting and budget.

Our plant displays contain stunning specimens in a variety of contemporary containers to suit your needs. So whether you are looking for live or artificial, interior or exterior, small desktop arrangement to huge trees, rental, direct purchase or with a maintenance plan and even bespoke planters and designs Pheeco can cover all your needs for plant displays.

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