Interior plants

Pheeco are a UK specialist in providing interior plants for offices, exhibitions and corporate events. Investing in interior plant displays enhances your interior surroundings for visitors, guests or work colleagues as well as providing a healthy environment to work in as plants remove chemical pollutants from the air.

If you’ve got interior space that you want to liven up then the Pheeco team can design an indoor plant solution that fits your requirements. There is a plant for any location or situation and our interior plant design team will work with you to select the best office landscaping plants and designs to fit into the surroundings.

At Pheeco we offer a variety of interior plant design products and services including green plants, colorful plants, containers and decorative arrangements for everyday, special events or as gifts.  We give you options to purchase, lease, or rent.  We'll even be glad to evaluate your existing plants and do a refurbishment, that’s how nice we are.

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